International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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Tenth Festival 2013.

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Tenth International Chamber Choir Festival was held from 18th to 23th of August 2013 in Kragujevac, Topola and Aranđelovac, and by that, get regional, character of Šumadija. On the basis of the decision of Artistic Commission at this Jubilary Festival, vocal ensembles (from 4 to 11 singers) take participation altogether with Chamber Choirs (form 12 to 32 singers). The main program of the Festival include performances of six Chamber Choirs – four of them from abroad (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine) and two of them from Serbia (Chamber Choirs form Niš and, by unbroken tradition, Academic Chamber Choir Liceum from Kragujevac as host and promoter Choir, so as two vocal ensembles, one from Russia and one from Serbia (Niš).

Conceptual program of this festival can be classified, in general, around two basic ideas. First one is presenting of possible section of creativity of specific composer or group of composers. The other one can be defined as research of possibilities for finding of unity - dramaturgical, means audio expressions between differences (thematically, genres, stylistically, times, geographically – culturological and so on).

Concert realization diverse in wide diapason, for the aspect of scene – classical choir concert to the performances with less or higher scene motions to Chorus Theater, but also from the aspect ideal choir means ensembles group sounding – from archaically national-romantically means socially realistic “big” but significantly monochromatically sounding, to coloristic vivid sounding and dynamically highly divertible, adopted to stylistic transition of program in certain cases, while in other modern influences are highlighted, specially instrumental ideals, that are characteristics of present World Music and postmodern – the way to put sound unification to highly divertible program.

Aranđelovac and Topola took three concerts, so every choir or vocal ensembles had one or two performance out of Kragujevac. Concerts in Aranđelovac were organized during Marble and sounds manifestation, held in open space scene at Main park of Bukovička spa, while concerts in Topola were held in Church- Mausoleum of Sent George – Oplenac hill. Special values of those concerts were that chorus could change their repertoires from one in main program, that open possibilities for showing other qualities of their sound performing. The special experiences was performance of all chorus at Church of Sent George, when choirs give one relatively short program contribution (from two to five compsitions) from the area of spiritual music in ambientally and acoustically very inspirable environment, and according to words of many participants this concert should become tradition.

Daily professional sessions of conductors, musicologist and other individuals that are interested, were held as important part of Festival. After analysis in details of every performance those sessions give positive evaluation of every concert of this year festival and validate high rank of festival.

This year festival include, as earlier years, chorus workshop that gather all participants to study several anthological works of Serbian chorus music selected by Artistic counsel under the lead of Nemanja Savić, conductor from Banja Luka. Result of this study sound good at the closing concert as final of whole Festival.

As traditional associated event of the Festival, the meeting of presidency of Balcan chorus forum, under chairmanship of academic Emil Jonev, conductor from Sofia (Bulgaria).

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