International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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Ninth Festival 2011.

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Ninth Festival PosterNinth International Chamber Choir Festival was held from 16th to 20th of August 2011 in Kragujevac. Five foreign choirs (from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Russia) and, as the sole representative of Serbia, the host choir, Academic Chamber Choir Liceum from Kragujevac, displayed, at different venues in the city, and in accordance with the basic concept of the Festival, their conceptualized whole evening concerts.

This year prevailed programs that connected parts of secular and sacred music in ways whose common thread was exploring the possibilities of deep linking of those two different genres. In the only "clean" program concerning genre, performed by the host choir, the result of multimedia connection of artistic production of folk songs, of Serbian authors, with the other arts is shown in formal framework of the so-called choral theater.

Everyday expert forums of composers and musicologists, maintained as an important additional program of the Festival, after a detailed analysis of each programs presented, evaluated positively all the concerts from this year's Festival, and assessed the overall level of the festival as high one.

Late evening outdoor concert (this year is held just one, because the festival was shortened to five days instead of the traditional seven), with the participation of all the choirs, has contributed to the vibrancy of the Festival itself and has attracted the part of citizens of Kragujevac, who generally does not attend concerts.

At this year Festival, as well as in all previous years, choral workshops were organized (this time a four-day), in which all participants studied selected anthological works of Serbian choral music, under the artistic leadership of Dragan Jovanovic. The result of this work was presented successfully at the end of the final concert, as the Festival finale.

Thanks to the cooperation of Academic Chamber Choir Liceum with cultural-artistic society Sumadija from Gornji Milanovac, half-hour program of Serbian folk songs and dances performed by Folk Dance Ensemble of the company was organized at the end of the final night of the Festival (kind of festival after festival), which echoed well among foreign participants of the Festival.

Time and financial hardship, which followed the organization of this year's Festival, prevented its traditionally etension to other cities in Serbia and neighboring countries - only one concert was held outside of Kragujevac, in the village Lipovac, near Topola, in cooperation with the Cultural Center Topola (as the part of the local art colony).

The overall atmosphere during this year's Festival was very good, friendly and cooperative, and the organization of the Festival was good, which was, on various occasions, pointed out by all participants and guests of the Festival.



Academic Chamber Choir Liceum, Kragujevac (Serbia)

Conductor: Miloje Nikolic
Stage movement: Sanja Todorovic
Let’s Sing Outloud, and Let’s Dance Too - choral theatre, staging of Serbian composers’ folklore inspired choral compositions


Sopot Festival Choir Mundus Cantat, Sopot (Poland)

Conductor: Arkadiusz Wanat
Music Without Borders

Chamber Choir Rozafa Expression, Shkodra (Albania)

Conductor: Zef Coba
Hearts Expression

Hassler Vokalensembles, Miskolc (Hungary)

Conductor: Zoltan Sandor
Celestial and Spiritual Love

Youth Chamber Choir Orpheu’s Children /Detsata na Orfei/, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Conductor: Venetsia Karamanova
Roots and Colours

Chamber Choir of Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College №1, M. Gorky, Krasnoyarsk (Russia)

Conductors: Galina Grigorievna Kozyreva and Dmitry Anatolyevich Wieser


  • Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac (1856-1914): The Divine Liturgy of St. Chrysostom /Božanstvena Liturgija Svetog Jovana Zlatoustog/ – excerpts:
    • Holy /Svjat/
    • We Praise You /Tebe pojem/
    • Blessed be the Name of the Lord /Budi imja Gospodnje/
  • Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac: Ninth Bunch of Songs – Songs from Montenegro /Deveta rukovet – Pesme iz Crne Gore

Artistic leader of the atelier: Dragana Jovanovic, conductor, docent at Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade


Festival after the festival-small concert of the folklore ensemble of the Artistic Association Sumadija from Gronji Milanovac


  • Aleksandar Vujic, composer and conductor, Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Ivica Zoric, conductor, Tetovo (Macedonia)
  • Maja Vasiljevic, musicologist, Belgrade (Serbia)
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