International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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Eighth Festival 2009.

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Eighth International Chamber Choir Festival was held from 16th  to 22nd of August 2009 in Kragujevac, but the performances of some choirs-participants (in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Cacak, Pljevlja /Montenegro/ and Subotica) in the formal framework of the festival, continued to the 30th  of August 2009. 

The number of choirs was slightly lower than usual, because the three choirs canceled their visit at the last minute, because of sudden financial difficulties. The three choirs from abroad participated, all three from non-European countries or regions - from Mexico (Puebla), Russia (Krasnoyarsk, Siberia) and Israel - and two choirs from Serbia (Kragujevac, Subotica).
At the Eighth Festival, programs of secular music dominated - only one program was made up only from works of sacred music, and one was a combination of the two basic genre types. While the previously mentioned program of sacred music was turned to research in the field of deep musical and textual dramaturgy of work connected by one theme, for secular music programs, including the before mentioned combination, it is common that in them, to a lesser or greater extent, were explored possibilities of mixing other arts with music. In all of these studies, the dance had primacy but the spoken word was also used, as well as the elements of so-called choral theater – individually developed and group stage movement, costume design, set design (primarily scene light, and the use of video projection).
Expert forums of conductors and musicologists, held as an important additional program of the Festival, after a detailed analysis of each performed program, well-evaluated programs of this year's Festival and the Festival in general.
The five-day work of choral workshop (in which they studied the works of Serbian choral music), under the artistic leadership of Vesna Souc-Trickovic, was presented at the end of the final show, and was rated as one of the most successful results of this kind so far.
All concerts held in Kragujevac were recorded with high tone quality, and good video recordings were made.




Academic Chamber Choir Liceum, Kragujevac (Serbia) 

Conductor: Miloje Nikolic
Director: Bojan Milosavljevic
The Homeland Songs by Dimitrije O. Golemovic


Women Choir Naama, Israel

Conductor: Pnina Inbar
Listen to the Angels Shouting

Choir Normalista, Puebla (Mexico)
Conductor: Jorge Altieri Hernandez
The World Music to the Mexican Style

Chamber Choir Pro musica, Subotica (Serbia)
Conductor: Pasko Csaba
Choral Pieces Dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary, from the Medieval Times to Present Day

The Choral Ensemble of  Soloists Tebe poem,  Krasnoyarsk (Russia)
The Choral Ensemble of  Soloists Tebe poem,  Krasnoyarsk (Russia)
The Choral Ensemble of  Soloists Tebe poem,  Krasnoyarsk (Russia)
Conductor: Кonstantin Yakobson
Director: Vasiliy Vavilov
Literary and Music Composition “Tcherevichky”
Choral ensemble of soloist Tebe poem has performed its second program, Russian sacred and profane choral music on its concerts in Krusevac, Nis, Novi Sad, Pljevlja (Montenegro) and Subotica


  • Josip Slavenski (1896-1955): Water springs
  • Ljubica Maric (1909 /Kragujevac/-2003): Peony blooms (from the cycle Three folk)
  • Vojislav Ilic (1911-1999): There’s no bread +3 (1492)
  • Milorad Kuzmanovic (1932-1995): Troyanac
Artistic leader of the atelier: Vesna Souc Trickovic, conductor, associate professor at Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, leader-conductor of the Chamber Opera Madlenianum  in Zemun
Vesna Šouc on Festival of Chamber Choir Kragujevac (Serbia) 


Closing ceremony of Eighth Festival Of Chamber Choir Kragujevac (Serbia) 


  • Ivan Moody, composer and conductor, London (Great Britain)/ Estoril (Portugal)
  • Vladimir Kranjcevic, conductor, Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Zorica Premate, musicologist, Belgrade (Serbia)


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