International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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Second Festival 1996.

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ProgrammeSince the First Festival was very successful, the City Assembly of Kragujevac proposed that the Festival should be held every year, although it was supposed to be held every second year (in the uneven years, in accordance with the Yugoslav Choral Ceremonies in Nis). Therefore the Second Festival of Chamber Choirs in Kragujevac was held already in the following year, from18 to 25 August. For the firsttime the Festival was of an international character (the choirs from Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia took part in it, as well as a folklore singing group from Ukrain) and the whole program concept was realized.

The results of the Second Festival were presented in the Memoir of this Festival (printed as II International Festival of Chamber Choirs in Kragujevac).




Academic Chamber Choir Liceum, Kragujevac (Yugoslavia)
Conductor: Miloje Nikolic
Passion, Death and Ressurection of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in the Works of Choral Composers from 15th do 20th Century



Chamber Choir of the Choral Musical Society Koco Racin, Skopje (Macedonia)
Conductor: Tomislav Sopov
Macedonian Traditional Spiritual and Folk Music in Artistic Arrangements



Male Chamber Choir D. G. Kiriac, Pitesti (Rumania)
Conductor: Emanoil Popescu
Rumanian Choral Music



Cathedral Choir Saint George, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia)
Conductor: Bogdan Djakovic
The Repertoire of Russian Church Choirs in Novi Sad Between Two World Wars



Chamber Choir of Cracow School of Economics Dominanta, Cracow (Poland)
Conductor: Zbigniew Ciuraba
Polish Spiritual Music Through Centuries



Chamber Youth Choir Iuventus cantat of the Sombor Society of Singers, Sombor (Yugoslavia)
Conductor: Silvester Hajnal
“From My Country” – Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac’s Bunches of Songs (2nd to 9th)



Chamber Ensemble Malva, Sumy (Ukraine)
Conductor: Halyna Ovcharenko
Tradiotional Spring, Summer and Winter Rituals of the Sumy Region


Atelier I:

Max Reger: A Man Lives and Exists for a Short Time (Der Mensch lebt und besteht eine kleine Zeit)
Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac: Cherubim’s Song (Heruvimska pesma)

Atelier II:
Jakob Gallus: In the Middle of the Life (Media vita)
Josif Marinkovic: Cherubim’s Song (Heruvimska pesma)

Atelier III:
Marko Tajcevic: Cherubim’s Song (Heruvimska pesma)
Ukrainian folksong: Behind the Mountains, Behind the Hills (Oy, z-za gori day z-za kruchi)
Halyna Ovcharenko: Cuckoo’s Wailing (Letila zozulenka)

Conductors were the conductors of choirs-participants.



Closing ceremony



Dejan Despic, academic, composer and theoretician, Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
Frank Leenen, conductor, Rottenburg (Germany)
Milica Gajic, musicologist, Belgrade (Yugoslavia)

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