International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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The Inter national Chamber Choirs Festival was established in 1995, thanks to the initiative of the City of Kragujevac and the Academic Chamber Choir Liceum.

The author of the basic concept of the festival is Magister of Arts Miloje Nikolic, founder, artistic director and conductor of the chamber choir Liceum from Kragujevac and professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

The basic program idea of the festival is presentation of all complete program concepts of the whole-evening concerts of chamber choirs-showing thus results of sound, theoretical and musicological researches in the field of program dramaturgy for small choir ensembles( with or without instrumental accompaniment). The researches that come out of the traditional framework of choral concerts and make step towards conceptually syncretic (multimedia) art event are possible and welcome, but in such way that the choral singing is still in the forefront.

The important aims of the festival are also:

  • cherishing of the pure choir sound in different styles of choir singing;
  • stimulating of the foundation, work and development of chamber choirs;
  • presentation of the achievements of chamber choirs at home and abroad and exchanging of experiences through direct artistic contacts with prominent chamber choirs and domestic and foreign experts for their organization and artistic management from inland and from abroad;
  • initiation for the composers to create new works for chamber choirs and establishing of a firmer direct cooperation between composers on the one, and chamber choirs on the other side;
  • enrichment of the music life in the country, especially in Kragujevac and it its neighborhood.

Starting from the 10th Festival in 2013, all of the listed rules and aims also relate to the vocal ensembles which take their place among the equal participants.

The basic rules of the Festival are: 

1. The participants of the Festival are chamber choirs, consisting of 12 to 32 singers, and vocal ensembles, regardless of their vocal structure. Choirs and vocal ensembles (hereinafter referred to as ensembles) can perform their programs, a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment; it is possible for vocal soloists and artists from other fields of art to participate as well (drama, visual, dancing). If necessary, at the request of the participants, the Artistic Council and the Organizing Board of the Festival will consider the possibility that instrumentalists and other artists mentioned are not counted into the previously mentioned maximum number of 32 singers (performers).

2. Each ensemble must have a minimum 50 minutes long evening concert with a repertoire of its own choice, of course taking into consideration, the basic concept of the Festival. Each concert program (i.e. program concept) has a title (name), chosen by conductors, i.e. artistic directors (hereinafter: conductors) themselves, in order to express the basic idea and structure of the concert program as accurately and concisely as possible. The structure and appearance of every concert event is also determined by conductor and with prior notice and consent (if necessary-cooperation) of organizers. Artistic Director of the Festival has the right to influence the form of the concert only in exceptional cases, if the concept of planned concert performance is organizationally and technically impossible, or if it could seriously damage the reputation of the festival, or if it is in conflict with the applicable law and the highest moral codes of the society. In the case of a dispute, the agreement will be considered and, if there is no solution, the problem will be taken to the Artistic Council. The Artistic Council’s decision is final.

3. Each ensemble must be ready to perform their evening concert in Kragujevac and in two other co-organizing cities of the Festival (if it is necessary).

4. All the festival participants are required to stay at the Festival from its beginning to its end and to participate in all the basic actions that are established by the official Festival program: the opening, the studio, stands, small (promenade) concerts, closing ceremony. The exact structure of the entire festival program of the 12th Festival (2017) will be determined by the time of the official notification of participation of ensembles.

5. The organizer will, in accordance with the conditions and realistic possibilities, offer the ensembles tours of cultural, historical and natural heritage of Serbia and other possible programs for organizing their free time. These programs are not obligatory, neither for ensembles nor for the organizers.

6. Artistic Council attends all the concerts. It consists of three prominent music artists (musical critics) of different vocations (composer, conductor, musicologist, singer, etc.). Each member has to value the performance of each choir in written form. The report should include their opinion and mark on all the important aspects of the ensemble performance, especially those related to the Festival basic idea. The organizer has the obligation to collect all these opinions and publish them оn the official website of the Festival.

7. The Festival, since its 12th session (in 2017), is becoming a awarding one. Two main prizes are introduced:

  • The prize for the conductor for the best program concept (in accordance with the basic program orientation of the Festival), with the condition that the same program is performed in a quality way so that it could deserve to be awarded.
  • The prize for the ensemble for the best performed concert as a whole, with the condition that their program concept is in accordance with the basic program orientation of the Festival.

Grand prix of the Festival is awarded only if both of the previously mentioned two main prizes are awarded to the same performing team –ensemble and its conductor.
The mentioned prizes are not dividable, and need not be awarded if the Artistic Council decides that there are no appropriate achievements.
Besides the listed main prizes, the prizes and acknowledgements for the special achievements of ensembles, and conductors respectively are being introduced, based on the estimation and specific formulation of the Artistic Council (jury); the number of these prizes and acknowledgements is not limited.
The Artistic Council will have the role of jury as well.
Ensembles can participate in the Festival outside the competition for the prizes, at their explicit request. They remain the fully equal participants of the Festival in all the other aspects.

8. The deadline for the application of ensembles is 15th March 2017. The final selection of ensembles will be conducted and the notification will be delivered to ensembles (in the quickest possible way) by 15th March 2017. The interested ensembles must submit a complete official application (which can be downloaded in electronic form from the website of the Festival) and submit supporting documentation, from which the Artistic Council of the Festival will be able to obtain the best possible insight into the structure and quality of the program (synopsis and possibly additional explanation of the proposed program or concept) and the ensemble (audio recording of the proposed program or some other program).

9. 12th International Festival of Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles will be held from Sunday the 20th to Saturday the 24th of August 2017. The organizers also provide and finance accommodation and food during the Festival (5 days) for a maximum of 36 participants per ensemble - increasing this number is possible only with the written permission of the Organizing Board of the Festival. All the ensembles will be accommodated in Kragujevac during their whole stay. The ensembles will be accommodated in the dorm or in any other similar facility, in double and triple rooms (with bathroom and toilet in each room). The meals will be organized (three meals a day) in the Student Center's restaurant or any other similar facility (in the days when the ensembles perform in other cities the dinner will be organized separately in restaurants of similar rank, or they will be provided with packed lunch).

10. Ensembles organize and pay themselves for transportation to Kragujevac and from Kragujevac. During the festival, the organizers will bear expenses of the organization and transportation to the other two cities, in which the official programs will be conducted. All the optional program costs (visits to cultural, historical and natural sites, etc.) will be bared by the ensembles themselves; herewith the organizers will offer their good service concerning the organization.

11. The organization of the Festival is funded by the Festival itself. The organizer reserves the rights to the audio-visual recordings of all the concerts and other events at the festival, and to the usage of previously mentioned recordings as well, without any specific consent and fees of the ensembles.

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