International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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About us

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Basic concept of the International festival of chamber choirs and vocal ensembles in Kragujevac

The International Chamber Choirs Festival was established in 1995, thanks to the initiative of the City of Kragujevac and the Academic Chamber Choir Liceum.

The author of the basic concept of the festival is Dr Miloje Nikolic, founder, artistic director and conductor of the chamber choir Liceum from Kragujevac and professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

The basic program idea of the festival is presentation of all complete program concepts of the whole-evening concerts of chamber choirs-showing thus results of sound, theoretical and musicological researches in the field of program dramaturgy for small choir ensembles (with or without instrumental accompaniment). The researches that come out of the traditional framework of choral concerts and make step towards conceptually syncretic (multimedia) art event are possible and welcome, but in such way that the choral singing is still in the forefront.

The important aims of the festival are also:

  • cherishing of the pure choir sound in different styles of choir singing; 
  • stimulating of the foundation, work and development of chamber choirs;
  • presentation of the achievements of chamber choirs at home and abroad and exchanging of experiences through direct artistic contacts with prominent chamber choirs and domestic and foreign experts for their organization and artistic management from inland and from abroad;
  • initiation for the composers to create new works for chamber choirs and establishing of a firmer direct cooperation between composers on the one, and chamber choirs on the other side;
  • enrichment of the music life in the country, especially in Kragujevac and it its neighborhood.

Starting from 10th festival, all the objectives and rules apply to vocal ensembles, which become equal participants in the festival.

The festival is organized biennially, in odd-numbered year.

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Посетите наш сајт на српском језику

Посетите наш сајт на српском језику


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City of Kragujevac

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