International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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Welcome again, to the official site of the International Festival of Chamber Choirs in Kragujevac!

Miloje Nikolic

I have the honor to inform You that a decision was made to hold the Twelfth International Festival of Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles in Kragujevac in the period from 20th to 24th August 2017.

The Festival rules remain basically unchanged, with one important addition, with which we meet the numerous initiatives: From now on, for the first time in the history of the festival, the prizes will be awarded as well. However, our festival does not become a standard choral competition, but remains what it has primarily been so far – a place for friendly meetings and exchanges of artistic ideas and results of various small singing collective, ensembles and choirs.

I remind that this is, in the first place, a festival of new program ideas of designing (dramaturgy) and, of course, of a good realization of the whole-evening concerts (events, happenings, shows and similar) by chamber choirs and vocal ensembles. Thereby, the basic idea of the author of the festival concept and the organizer is that “new concert attire” can be made equally well of new as well as of old material, and of their well designed combination too! 

Think of something beautiful and attractive, and we will make an effort to afford the best possible conditions for You to present that before the audience and expert public of Kragujevac, a historical capital and cultural center of Sumadija and central Serbia, and maybe in some other city as well. Besides, there will be other common work (atelier, panel discussions, seminars, round tables and similar), as well as the pleasures of socializing and visiting cultural, historical and natural sights.

And one more, very important thing: We succeeded to maintain the tradition: No participation is being paid for our festival – the only thing You need to provide for is money for the trip. 

The deadline for the entry of choirs and vocal ensembles is rather short: Your entries must arrive until 1st May 2017! The final selection of choirs and ensembles will be declared and submitted to the applicants until 1st March 2017.

Have a freedom to call us, write to us, ask and propose!

Miloje Nikolic



Посетите наш сајт на српском језику

Посетите наш сајт на српском језику


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