International Festival of Chamber Choirs

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Welcome again, to the official site of the International Festival of Chamber Choirs in Kragujevac!

Miloje Nikolic

Having obtained the necessary approval of the initial founders and chief financiers of the Festival, the City of Kragujevac, Artistic Council and Organizing Board of the Festival has decided that the following 11th International Festival of Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles will be held in Kragujevac from 16th to 21st of August 2015.

The rules of the Festival are basically unchanged and are given on our official site in the section Propositions of the Festival.

Deadline for the application for choirs and vocal ensembles is 1st April 2015! The final selection of choirs and ensembles will be completed and delivered to the applicants by 15th April 2015!

Let me remind you that this is primarily a festival of new ideas of conceptualization (dramaturgy) and, of course, a good realization of evening concerts (events, happenings, performances, etc.) of chamber choirs and vocal ensembles. Thereto the basic idea of the author of the festival concept and organizers is that "new concert attire" can be made equally well from the new and old material, and even from their well formed combination!

Come up with something beautiful and attractive, and we will try to provide you with the best possible conditions for the presentation in front of the audience and professional public of Kragujevac, the historical capital and cultural center of Sumadija and central Serbia, and perhaps even in some other cities. In addition, there will be different types of joint work (studios, lectures, seminars, round tables and other), as well as the pleasures of socializing and tours of cultural, historical and natural sites.

And something very important, we managed to keep the tradition: You do not pay any participation for our festival - you just have to provide the money for the trip.

Call, write, ask, suggest!
Best regards,
Miloje Nikolic



Посетите наш сајт на српском језику

Посетите наш сајт на српском језику


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